Company Profile

RusCo was established in 2007.

To date, the Company is among the leading food industry enterprises of Russia in the “snacks”, “confectionary products” category. The Company manufactures high-quality products under well-known Vorontsovskie, Amapola and Bambino brands.

All products of RusCo are notable for their unconventional range of the diverse tastes, choicest ingredients and unique recipes gathered from throughout the Planet.

RusCo’s distributor network embraces the entire territories of RF and near and far-abroad countries.

About Production

The company manufacturing facilities consist of two factories: croutons and toasts factory in Kolomna of the Moscow region and chocolate sweets factory in Saint-Petersburg within the town of Pushkin.

Manufacturing complex in Kolomna is represented by two factories having a capacity of 52 tons of croutons and toasts per day. The production line for standalone confectionary chocolate products is targeted at manufacturing of sweets by a complicated formula. It is a sandwich-type sweet which features a wafer cover with a filling and whole nut or berry inside. The line speed makes up to 10 tons of sweets per day.

The average number of personnel is 330 employees.
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) has been implemented at the enterprise. RusCo, LLC is being audited against the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) standards.

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